venus 2


Oh, Venus!                                                                        

When you come out at night;                                     

when your beauty unfurls                                                           

and you shine brightest of glimmering pearls,                     

I’m smitten; in awe of your sight!                                                                             

Oh, Venus!                                                                                        

You are Earth’s planet twin,                                                        

you’re the closest by far,                                                              

shimmering high like a twinkling star;                                     

I fear for the life that you’re in.                                                


Oh, Venus!                                                                                        

Roman Goddess of love,                                                              

Morning Star of the skies,                                                           

second in line and sixth largest in size,                                   

I ask: are you happy above?                                                       

Oh, Venus!                                                                                        

With volcanoes of fire                                                                   

and your poisonous air                                                                  

with no water and your oceans laid bare                                               

is love what you crave and desire?                                           


Four and a half billion years                                                        

you have travelled in space,                                                       

inspiring from darkness and gloom.                                         

Despite all of your fears; all those sulphuric tears,            

did you dream that with love there’d be room?                 

Oh, Venus!                                                                                        

My Morning Star!                                                                            

Goddess of love!                                                                             

If you saw how you shone in my eyes,                                   

my Venus, my beauty, my glimmering pearl,                       

you’d realise how futile love never dies.