night in

Gotham City

high-rise lights

twenty degrees


White shirts

polished shoes

balcony banter

vodka and wine


Old Spice

R & B

sunburnt skin

funnels and fire


Heading in;

into Gotham

special deals

free first drink


Sticky dancefloors

foamy mist

Sangria cocktails

down in one


On stage

dancer’s cage

robot moves

on the pole


John Travolta

cardboard box

getting hazy

little fish big


Scatman John

Humpin’ Around

I’m A Believer

Boom Boom Boom


Catching glances

looking good

feeling sick

need a drink


Sweaty bodies

losing friends

finding beers

on empty tables


Walking alone

completely lost

chilli kebab

down my shirt


Aimless wandering

dream-like confusion

rising sun

where’s the hotel?


Wallet missing

memory wiped

staggering in

sick on floor


Nothing pulled

counting friends

someone sleeping

on my bed


Checking suitcase

finding money

50 pesetas

for another drink


Heading back;

back to Gotham;

back to the night

when the

time was


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